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Estate Sales, at a glance...

Lets take a quick look at the what is involved in an estate sale.

We will discuss the planning that is involved, leading up to an estate sale, what to expect on sale days, and finally what options are available after the sale.

JP Estate Sales and Services LLC, is a fully insured, locally owned, dedicated team with years of experience. It goes without saying, process and workflow differ between estate sale companies. The following is what we do to have a successful estate sale, ...every time! Of course, all estate sale companies share the same goal of a holding a profitable sale for the home owner and offering great items at a fair price to their customers.

It might surprise you to know,

a well planned liquidation sale

can require 120 hours or more of labor!

If you are considering having an estate sale, the thought has surely crossed you mind,...What do i need to do in preparation for an estate sale?

The short answer, take what you will keep!

If at all possible, you will want to remove all items that will not be included in the sale. This will avoid confusion, keep those items safe, and it may even open up a little floor space for the sale.

After you have accomplished the goal of removing those items from the home, you should not have to do anything else, in preparation for your estate sale. You do not have to clean, dust, wipe, sweep, or even organize, ...Nope, not anything!

Actually, with JP Estate Sales, you don't have to pay for anything either! We are pretty confident that we will hold a profitable sale for you. We are so sure, that we are willing to pay for everything until the sale ends! We do not charge any hidden fees, and you will never have to pay anything upfront.

Our fees are simple, ...we are paid a 33% commissi0on from the total earnings of the sale.

Before the estate sale


When we meet for your free initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask our representative about our company, our process before and during an estate sale, and fee structure. You can also provide us with any special instructions or preferences you might have.

We will also talk about a timeframe, our availability ,and what you can expect during the process of an estate sale. We will also tell you about, how we will advertise your estate sale, free of charge!

If the home will be placed on the market, you can provide information about its status and Realtor contact information. We will then provide that information to customers during the sale, greatly increasing the number of your potential buyers.

We encourage you to set up consultation visits with more than one estate sale company to make sure you find the right fit for you. But, if you decide to make us your estate sale team, we can set a date for the sale and start preparations, or let us know at a later time.


The home is swept & vacuumed (including under & behind the furniture). All rooms are cleaned and the furniture & counters are dusted and polished. A photo inventory is taken of all items in drawers, cabinets, shelves, counters, garage, shed, yard, attic, and all nooks and cranny's!

Personal Items

Photos, important documents, and items of sentimental value are separated and kept safe, until they can be picked up. If you are not able to pick up these items, a staff member can hand deliver these items to you, anywhere in the city, for free!. If you live out of town, we can mail those items (under 10lbs) at no cost to you. Now that is customer service!

Staging & Pricing

Staging is the next step, which is a grouping, arranging, and display of all items in the home. Lighting and various sizes of display tables and shelves are placed throughout the home and tables are covered in clean crisp table cloths. Every effort is made to have items visible and accessible to shoppers, while maintaining a flow that will avoid crowding in any one area.


All Items are clearly marked and displayed with other like items. Clothing & apparel items are tagged with price tags or price sheets are displayed for similar items in large quantity. All items are clearly marked in large print for the convenience of our shoppers. If we are uncertain of the price of an item we do not hesitate to seek the expertise of local appraisers to provide us with a fair market value. We are fortunate to partner with trusted local business with expertise in jewelry, art, and automobile appraisal.

If you are in the Lubbock area, and in need of an estate sale company,

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The Right Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Simple Pricing & 100% transparency!!

Before you decide on a estate sale company, do yourself a favor and ask them about additional/optional services, and how much those extras will cost you. Ask about all services fees and upcharge services, and contingencies. In most cases, the claims of "simple pricing" are not so simple and the "100% transparency" gets a little blurry.

Lets take a look at our, truly simple fees...

  • We are paid a strict 33% of total sales generated at our estate sales, Thats All!

  • We will never ask for upfront fees

  • We will never charge you hidden fees

  • Net profits are made available in as little as 3-4 days, after the sale (3-4 days or sooner, depending on processing of credit card payments)

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Our Commitment

To provide our clients with profitable sale and helpful services which exceed expectations.

To provide our estate sale shoppers

excellent customer service,

a fun atmosphere and fair prices.

Our Promise

You will always be treated with respect, empathy, & discretion.

Your home and property will be handled responsibly and with care.

Our Understanding

It is an understood fact that our business exists because of and for our customers.

Thank you in advance for choosing us as your estate sale company.